Social Media Strategy

Social media is playing a growing role in communications for asset managers and their advisers. We help clients evaluate their current social media ‘footprint’ and then develop and implement appropriate social media communication strategies, from constructing a framework for social media engagement to creating tailored, ‘shareable’ content that engages audiences and positions our clients as industry leaders.


A digital presence is often the first touchpoint for potential clients. It is therefore crucial to ensure that these platforms – websites, microsites, campaign sites – are fresh and up-to-date. We work with clients across scoping, planning, design, implementation and programming. 


In an increasingly crowded marketplace, organisations must constantly compete for attention. We help our clients differentiate themselves through innovative branding and marketing materials. We manage the entire process of brand strategy, from naming and identity creation, through to guidelines and identity management.


Printed materials remain a key channel for companies to differentiate their offering, particularly with key stakeholder groups. Materials include corporate brochures, annual reports, leaflets, mailers, event materials and invitations, as well as design templates for in-house teams using Adobe CC and Microsoft Office. We manage this process from concept through to implementation, artwork, print buying and management. 


The use of web analytics to mine digital marketing data has become a key tool in testing the effectiveness of marketing strategies, helping clients make smarter decisions. It provides valuable insight into how clients are thinking and acting online, allowing companies to adapt their approaches accordingly.

JPES works closely with Mezzo Labs, a web analytics company focused primarily on the financial services sector, to assist its clients in understanding their digital presence and refining their marketing campaigns to ensure maximum impact.  

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