Financial journalists are largely unsatisfied with both the volume and the quality of content that they are receiving from asset managers. This is one of the major findings from a media audit undertaken by JPES Partners looking at leading financial journalists’ attitudes towards ESG materials.

Over the last decade, the topic of ESG has become the cornerstone of the financial service sector and with this increased focus on responsible investment, asset managers have responded by focusing a huge proportion of their communications materials to the topic. We are already aware of the vast levels of content that media titles receive on a daily basis, but with ESG becoming a priority subject for asset managers, it must be asked: are the right levels of content being produced for the current media landscape?

JPES’ latest audit therefore assesses how the media has been impacted by the rise of ESG and whether by producing greater levels of content on the topic, asset managers are actually damaging their relationship with the press.

In doing this, we have conducted a survey, supplemented by a number of interviews, asking journalists about the levels and quality of ESG-related content that they are receiving.

Unsurprisingly, it appears that media titles are inundated with content far too frequently, with only 8% of respondents expressing a need for greater levels of content, while a lack of quality content was also made apparent, with only 25% of respondents saying they are pleased with the quality of content that they receive.

However, in order to gain a full understanding of the current landscape we have also asked the extent to which journalist trust the content that is being produced and what type of content they would like to see more of in the future. The report also assesses how well received articles on the subject of ESG amongst the readerships of the surveyed titles compared to other topics, as well as their expectations for the next 12 months.

It is hoped that the findings from this research will shine a light on an ongoing industry issue, helping to inform asset management firms as to the current content requirements of the financial media and ultimately strengthen the quality of the relationship between the two parties.

The full report will be published in September. For more information and to discuss the findings of the ESG Media Audit, please contact: