How and why did you decide to go into communications?

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to pursue either journalism or communications as a career. The writing and storytelling aspects have always appealed to me, and it is probably the part that I enjoy most about the job to this day. Communications had the edge for me though, I wanted to be the person behind the stories and to be that link between the client and journalist as I’ve been known to be quite personable which is a key trait in this job.

It probably comes as no surprise given the above that I studied Media & Communications at London Metropolitan University. To this point, I wasn’t sure which area of communications I would move into, but when I took up an internship at a PR firm and worked on hotels, I became very interested in how you could take a bricks and mortar building and activate it with an effective PR strategy. It is this interest and passion that has carried through my years in real estate.


How have you found working in lockdown over the last year?

I was surprised at how well I acclimatised to it. There were some initial concerns over if we would still interact as well as a team but honestly, I think it has strengthened us. We all made a point of checking in on each other, with regular calls where we didn’t discuss work and it was nice to feel like that support was there. We also had a regular Friday Zoom call drinks with all the team where we could all meet, which was nice.

Professionally, I would say that being able to support clients as they navigated their way through the pandemic has been one of the most rewarding and challenging aspects of my career to date. It has been an incredibly educating experience – nothing says crisis comms like a global pandemic! I can now say I can handle anything that comes my way in terms of the job, which feels hugely comforting.


What areas or trends interests you the most at this time?

I’m very interested and passionate about ESG issues, diversity, and emerging themes that go beyond those of traditional real estate. I think we are at a very important time in our industry where what we do, and how we address these topics, will reshape its future. I’m pleased to see the real estate industry, and in particular the property press who have done an incredible job of moving them up the media agenda, driving these issues forward.


What do you do in your spare time?

This is the question that everyone always struggles with! Well, I would say that I’m very into cooking; I get a weekly Gousto delivery, which challenges my culinary skills on a regular basis. More recently, I’ve started to get more into cycling. I bought a bike during lockdown as I live in Hackney and it’s a great way to get to all the parks and markets. Aside from that. I’m also a huge TV fanatic, and I love a good BBC drama. I, like most of the nation, was hooked on “Line of Duty”.


Tell us about the last book you read or the last podcast you listened to?

I love the “Grounded” podcast from Louis Theroux. I think Louis is one of the best journalists of our generation. He has an incredible way of being both warm and awkward at the same time and asks the questions that others might shy away from. In this podcast, he interviews famous faces that have always been on his list but would have never materialised without lockdown. He often focuses in on a topic or theme with each subject, so that it moves beyond the realm of a traditional celebrity interview. I can’t wait for the next series.


Name one goal, professional or personal, you have set yourself for the rest of the year

This might sound a bit cheesy, but my goal is always to be happy, positive and to be the best version of myself. I’m approaching the dreaded 30 this year, but I can honestly say I know and am far happier and more comfortable in myself than I ever was in my early to mid-twenties. I really got to know myself over lockdown, which I think has a lot to do with where I am now.

It truly is important to keep a positive mindset, treat people how you would like to be treated, express gratitude every day (even when you don’t feel like it) and good things will flow back to you – I’m a huge believer in that.