In preparation for 2017, asset managers needed to react not only to what was already happening, but what was on the horizon. The media is crucial in this context; it plays a vital role in not just shaping sentiment towards current events, but also in identifying those issues likely to be at the forefront of underlying clients’ minds and which therefore need to be a priority for asset management businesses from a marketing communications perspective.

It is this premise that forms the basis of JPES Partners’ fourth Asset Management Report – The Asset Management Agenda 2018 – where we have conducted comprehensive research across global English-speaking media titles (including national and international press, specialist trade publications and newswires) to identify those themes trending upwards in the media and therefore likely to drive agendas in 2018. In parallel, we have also sought the views of leading journalists to gain a clear sense of what topics they expect to be most prominent in the year ahead.


  • Active management will face severe scrutiny, including questions over fees and the implication of new regulations that will substantially impact industry practices
  • Demand for investment solutions incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria will continue to increase absolutely and in terms of their complexity
  • The rising popularity of fiduciary management is likely to be matched by questions as to the role providers play and the potential for conflicts of interest, particularly among the investment consultant community
  • Disruption of longstanding asset management industry practices is likely owing to the development of new technologies and the potential for the entry of new players into this market
  • New dynamics resulting from generational changes will necessitate evolution within the wealth management space
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