The model analyses millions of verified data points on business density, population trends and residential property values across 2,800+ UK postcode districts.

This generates the Evaluate Vitality Index (EVI) – an index which ranks locations and gives insight into their economic direction of travel.

Evaluate Characterisation takes this analysis to a deeper level in more than 50 individual ‘dimensions’ of a location’s economic character, ranging from the age profile of a location’s population through to an industry breakdown of its business community and where growth is taking place.

Locations can be indexed against an All-Location Average or as part of a portfolio of locations with a ‘traffic lights’ system indicating a range of performance metrics


As the UK’s economic geography undergoes a rapid evolution, EvaluateLocate provides a valuable tool in understanding the economic landscape at a granular level, and enables users to generate analysis which supports investment reporting and decision-making.

Evaluate’s metrics and algorithms also bring a powerful new perspective to the asset management of single properties or portfolios.

  • Tracks business density, employment, population trends and residential property values across 2,800 UK postcode districts
  • Analyses millions of verified data points
  • Ranks locations and their economic ‘direction of travel’
  • Practical application for portfolio analysis and investment/development appraisal

For more information, please contact Adam Kirby or Duncan Lamb