In these unprecedented times, the old ways of doing business have ground to a halt, as countries impose lockdowns on non-essential travel and urge people to work remotely. Events, conferences and meetings have all been cancelled, so using an online networking site such as LinkedIn has become ever more important.

LinkedIn can be a helpful tool to make business connections, promote your activities, and even in showcasing your capabilities to new prospects. But to get your profile in front of other people, it’s important to play the LinkedIn game.

Back in the days before the UK imposed a lockdown, I attended a recent seminar with Dean Seddon and Maverrik, and they reminded us that LinkedIn is a business too. As such, the more people who use and stay on their platform, the better for LinkedIn. It’s no secret that their algorithm is set up to help those users who bring LinkedIn more potential paying customers – and keep them there.

Playing to this will only help you and your business. Using your posts, profile, and engagement to keep other users noticing and engaging with you; not creating dead ends or luring users off of LinkedIn – and you are more likely to be rewarded.

  • Eyes on the page

LinkedIn rewards users for keeping people on LinkedIn longer. Anything that leads users away from LinkedIn will be punished by the LinkedIn algorithm. Respond to comments on your posts and keep articles and blogs readable on LinkedIn itself. Your profile will suddenly find itself in front of more people for longer.

  • Consistency is key

LinkedIn is actually there to help, but it can only learn about you and your connections through consistency. Let LinkedIn get to know your target audience by posting for them frequently, at the same time of day; engage with the people you want to see you. LinkedIn will learn who you’re trying to reach and with every post get you there faster.

  • Like, comment or share?

You have options when it comes to engagement, but some will help you more than others. The most powerful action is a comment – especially if it is a question. Questions beg responses, responses encourage more engagement, all of these drive users to connect with you. Liking is also helpful; putting your like in front of all your connections, reminds them of your interests and talents.