JPES Perception Audit consultant and adviser, Philip Robinson, comments: “Although asset management businesses are working hard to maintain continuity through the lockdown and respond in a timely manner to client demands, the pandemic is bringing seismic change and that will be reflected in how client and partner relationships emerge from this period.

“Every business should be looking at how its perception is being shaped by the market disruption. In due course, that will require a formalised process of critically listening to clients so that lessons can be learnt for what will become the new normal. If there is any period in which a manager can be judged on the strength of client relationships, it is now.’

“Client retention during a period of investment and market stress is going to be critical for all managers this year. Perception audits are efficient not just in terms of gauging the attitudes of your clients but also projecting the strengths and values of your own business. In what will be an entirely fresh economic landscape, it will be essential for businesses to understand where they stand and what strategies will be required to move forward.”

If you would like to discuss perception audits and how they can be used to support business development strategy, please contact Julian Samways