How and why did you decide to go into communications?

I became interested in communications while working for a luxury hotel in India, where I met the hotel’s PR and was intrigued by her job. So, I got my degree in PR & Comms and have been in love with the profession ever since. It has been about 12 years now.

I have worked in aviation, construction, technology and, most recently, in pensions and investment communications, and I was astonished by the power of this industry to make positive changes.

How have you found hybrid working over the last few months?

With hybrid working, I found my perfect fit. I cannot imagine now that there was a time when we were commuting to work five days a week.

Hybrid working allows me to mingle with colleagues and meet journalists and clients. I enjoy the flexibility of coming to work, having face-to-face time with my colleagues, travelling for meetings and working from home when it’s too cold.

What areas or trends interests you the most at this time?

Before joining the pensions and investment sector, I didn’t realise how influential this sector was. Our money, which we put away as a form of savings every month for retirement, is surprisingly very powerful and can shape a more sustainable future for everyone.

Ethical pension investments can be very effective in creating sustainable solutions for the future. Not only can our pension money be invested in companies that play a crucial role in tackling global crises such as climate change and inequality, but funding from pensions can also exert a powerful influence over the direction companies take, such as transitioning to becoming more ESG and sustainability-friendly.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have a decent collection of Legos and my latest completed set is ‘Ship in a bottle.’ Next in line is Lego’s International Space Station. I also enjoy going for a walk and exploring London from a tourist’s point of view. I am always surprised by something that I haven’t noticed before.

During summers, cricket takes over my life. Either I am watching it, talking about it or playing for my local cricket club.

Tell us about the last book you read or the last podcast you listened to?

The last book I read was “The island of missing trees” by Elif Shafak. Elif Shafak writes with an understanding of the power and importance of the written word. She uses her gift to broaden minds and start much-needed conversations about how we treat the least privileged among us. She combines fiction with non-fiction to present beautiful stories.

The island of missing trees is set against the 1974 Greek and Turkish conflict in Cyprus, spanning multiple timelines. It follows the story of a Greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriot, their eventual move to London, and the impact of their past and history on their daughter Ada, all narrated by a ‘fig tree.’

Name one goal, professional or personal, you have set yourself for the next 12 months
I would like to focus on reading more this year. I have a list of books I want to get to by December 2023.

I also want to improve my calligraphy skills as it helps me avoid screens and give time to good old paper and pen.