Our specialist knowledge of the investment industry and the key issues and market trends surrounding it, means we are well placed to advise our clients on both the design and prioritisation of their product range, to keep in line with the changing investment appetites of their target markets. We also work closely with business development teams to provide them with detailed analysis of changing distribution patterns across the industry, and advise them on their sales strategies accordingly. 


We work with clients to identify their key competitors and undertake detailed research to gain valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of those businesses. Our clients are then able to refine their offering, highlight genuine USPs, and strategically position themselves in the marketplace.


In a highly competitive industry, companies have to excel at all forms of communication with clients, prospects and intermediaries. Leveraging a broad contact base of intermediaries, investors, regulators, the media and other key industry players, we undertake detailed research of all our clients’ key internal and external audiences to gain frank insights into the strength of their brand and make recommendations for enhancements.


We carry out bespoke research for our clients that provides unique insights into what investors are thinking. We assess investor appetite for different asset classes and investment strategies, and analyse asset allocation trends by market and asset owner. This research can be tailored to any one client’s needs – so that we can help them understand how they can increase their market share and grow their business in the UK and Europe.


We work closely with senior executives (including CEOs, business development personnel and fund managers), providing strategic advice, coaching and support that allows them to differentiate their companies from competitors and ultimately win new business. Such services are entirely bespoke and include reputation enhancement, strategic business positioning advice, presentation training and recommendations on industry engagement.

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