Because this Presidential election feels like the equivalent of a Brexit debate all over again, and America in voting for Trump should be careful what it wishes for. Actually I am joking…..there is so much more at stake than mere Brexit.

Trump is running a scorched earth policy which is shocking to those looking in. America is angry and divided, ironically when things seem to be going relatively well for this nation, but that is no reason to vote for this man. I won’t catalogue his faults but absolutely and relatively to Clinton they are enormous. He will leave behind a fractured nation and a bitter democratic divide at the very moment the world needs strong US leadership. They are the only game in town. What is the price of narcissism?

But why has Trump succeeded so far? For the same reasons that Britain voted to leave Europe. Globalism has disenfranchised many voters. The pressures of immigration are high, the rich seem to be getting richer, the poor poorer and the accountability and effectiveness of domestic politicians weaker. Added to this mix comes the seeming rise and rise of global corporations, paying less and less tax. Some major companies pay less corporation tax in some countries than JPES Partners. Even I could get angry…..

The signals from democratic elections are a warning. We operate in global markets and politicians owe it to voters to be accountable for the needs of society as a whole. This involves cross border cooperation to get things right, not the outpourings of thoughtless, populist political leaders grabbing short term headlines. Oops we are back to Brexit again…