With the SNP voting for a second referendum and the Nationalists scoring victories in Northern Ireland, by the time we leave we may be so small that nobody notices our departure…. And that is before London declares UDI and the Welsh start stirring.

But seriously, never has UK politics been so challenging and for many so depressing and who would have Theresa May’s job? Trapped between the public’s antipathy to current immigration levels (the prime reason for Brexit whatever the ‘elite’ anti Europeans say) and the economic nihilism of the Hard Brexiteers, she has had no alternative but to pursue the current, and skilfully implemented parliamentary path to full Brexit

But how do firms, particularly in the financial services sector, conduct their business against the backdrop of all this uncertainty. First, they must engage with their industry bodies to ensure their interests are protected in negotiations. They should be voluble in criticising any cavalier approaches to maintaining a comprehensive trading relationship with Europe, making politicians realise the full implications of a lack of agreement on such issues as regulatory regimes for example. At the same time, a careful balancing act is required to reassure customers of their commitment to the UK and ensuring as much as possible it is business as usual. Communication professionals should be at the top of their game as they have never been so important in delivering this careful balancing act.

The UK in recent months has often seemed a much more inward looking, crueller and consequently diminished place. Combined with longer term economic forecasts of weaker growth confirmed in the recent Budget, the last year may seem an unprecedented period of self-harm. Government will essentially be on hold for the next two years, with much needed reform of a range of services delayed. Political risk will dominate. Never has business, and the business of communications, been so important in cutting through the rhetoric, to protect the future economic welfare of this country.