Led by Julian Samways, founder of JPES and former global Head of Communications at Schroders plc., and Dr. Steve Tibble, a former Communications Director at Cinven, the new service will aim to provide rapid, measurable solutions to business challenges such as the clear articulation of strategic priorities to key stakeholders, bridging the skills gap between strategic communications and long-term business planning.

The new initiative will cover reputational research amongst business-critical audiences, Board-level counsel on communications strategy development, crisis management and preparation, organisational restructuring across marketing and communications functions, and internal communications strategy.

“How companies manage reputational and communications issues, and the resources supporting these functions, provides significant opportunities, and of course, potential threats to all major players in the corporate world. Using our experience of communications strategy at Board-level to focus on specific interventions that produce speedy and measurable results will provide real and tangible benefits to our clients”, commented Julian Samways.


For further information on our new strategic counsel service, please contact Julian Samways.