It is particularly useful for project work such as product launches, property developments or when a business is offering a new service.

Platform’s structure maximises campaign impact and also provides trackable monitoring of who among the target audiences have engaged with a campaign.

This feeds directly into other targeted business development activity such as events and requests for one-to-one meetings.

We have a team of specialised digital, content and design experts who collaborate on co-ordinated campaigns, working closely with clients to produce original content that is aimed at public media channels or specific individuals in a pre-determined target audience.

JPES Platform offers an effective route for distributing content and identifying potential business development prospects through a menu of services which enables clients to specify their requirements and project budgets.

JPES Platform services:

  • Media Relations
  • Content generation/Copywriting blog posts/white papers
  • Creation of free or sponsored LinkedIn campaigns
  • Content distribution via Twitter and Instagram
  • Short-form video production
  • Perception Audits
  • Podcasting
  • HTML email campaigns