Reputational and communications issues pose significant opportunities and, of course, threats to all major players in the financial and corporate world. Bridging the skills gap between strategic communications issues and long-term business planning is extremely challenging.

As highly experienced communications professionals, operating at Board level, we understand the issues that pose the most significant opportunities and threats for senior executives. There are few high-level communications situations that we have not already encountered and worked to resolve.

We focus on specific interventions, which produce speedy and measurable results. Our counsel is discreet, low-key and results-oriented.

We partner with our senior clients to produce results, which are both objective (research-based) and practical (focused on solutions that can be implemented quickly).

Strategic communications consultancy services
  • Reputational research amongst business-critical audiences
  • Board level counsel on communications strategy development
  • Board level crisis management and preparation
  • Organisational restructuring (communications and marketing functions)
  • Internal communications strategy